Stall on Street

《Stalls on Street》 - Craftsman's Stall

As you walk in the old street you can always find a few creative craft stalls in the corner huddled in a small space. This stall survival reflects the flexibility in built to its structure. It is unique and the business was wisely run in shape.

Hong Kong's way of living is to follow the economic development and the transformation of urban renewal in full swing. New revolution is to build a new social outlook; upgrade the levels of education that are driven by the requirements by Hong Kong people. In order to improve the quality of life and advanced technology, proposal such as close down deteriorated area for urban development, which is the most common.

Selling goods on the street plays an important part in living history of Hong Kong culture. Social progress among the Hong Kong cultures, the survival of street stalls should not be ignored. This is in addition to the unique spiritual values to craft and industry heritage, but also on the recognition and respect for chefs.

"Stalls on Street" exhibit by the Wan Chai Livelihood Museum is to let us recognize the decline of the re-craft industry. Today, what we see by pass us is not only the appearance of the old street stalls hence is the folks wisdom and spirit.


Exhibition Period: 17th Feb 2011 - May 2011
Opening: 26/2/2011, 2pm - 5pm